About Us



We are located just 20 minutes North of Dallas, Texas. Our pilots are willing to travel anywhere in the world that allows the exportation/importation of thermal technology. 



Thermal Wildlife Drones was founded in 2015 while searching for an airborne solution for feral hog management. Owner, Jason Douglas, who works for the Delta Waterfowl Foundation, began researching the use of thermal drone technology for duck nest research in the Spring of 2016. After a successful test, Jason decided to expand the use of the thermal drone technology to all wildlife management while sharing the benefits of this technology with local wildlife conservation organizations. 


Why this technology works!

Commercial drones help wildlife managers by discreetly monitoring wildlife populations. Our technology is less invasive, less expensive, and more accurate than wildlife population counts by helicopter. When paired with a thermal camera, we can monitor wildlife at night with little to no disturbance. We have tested the thermal cameras from the West Texas plains to the East Texas Piney Woods. We guarantee success or your money back!